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My best of CES and how it is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day……

In my part two of my review of CES 2017, I choose to talk about my favorites, the Moto Z Play with Moto Mods.img_8575

First up will be the Moto Z Play with the amazing Moto Mods.  The Moto Z all by itself is an amazing phone.  Moto Z  Play has the longest lasing battery ever, with an amazing 50 hours of use in one charge.  If that doesn’t blow your mind you can get up to 9 hours of use on a single 15 minutes of charging.  The camera is amazing as well.  It is a 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front-facing camera with a 1080 display.  It also comes with a wide angle lens perfect for group selfies!   Plus the bonus for everyone, it is designed with a water-repellant coating.  But the best part, it has a laser autofocus with phase detection, with means you won’t get the blurry pictures of the kids, like I do.

Now while the Moto Z Play is a photographers dream for pictures, just add the Moto Mod- Hasselbad True Zoom to your phone.  Now how are you going to do this and just what is the Moto Mods.  On the back of the Moto Z Play are magnets and the corresponding magnet is on the moto mod.  All you do is literally snap it with the magnets and the Moto Z Play recognizes the Mod and you can immediately start using the Mod.  img_8602Now if the Moto Z Play is such a great phone all on it’s own, why do you need the Mods?  Trust me they take your phone to a whole new level.  The Hasselbad True Zoom mod adds 10x optical zoom and a high-powered Xenon flash which can capture the shot that were normally a long distance black mess into full blown color shots!

Snap off that Hasselbad True Zoom mod and play those pictures and videos you have captured on your Insta Share Projector Mod.  Gone are the days of everyone climbing or jockeying for position to see what happened on your phone screen.  The amazing Insta Share Projector Mod turns your phone into a projector.  img_9035You can project it up to 70″ , that’s enough for a whole room to see.  It also comes with a built in battery, to give you another hour on top of your phone battery life.  To make it easier it has a built in kick stand, so you can too sit down and enjoy.

While these two are my favorite Mods, there are four more with at least two more coming out this year.  img_8606This phone will not go out of style.  For more information on the other mods or the upcoming mods check out Lenovo.com.

Now why is this phone the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  Everyone is always on their phones, including me.  This turns your phone into a real conversation and enjoyment for everyone.  My children would love to see videos of themselves or even shows streaming as they happen.  If you are a reader of this blog then you know I have four sons.  Whenever they want to watch my current phone, they crawl all over me and fight.  Not only would this stop but my videos and photos would be so much clearer and vibrant.  You would be a hero buying this for anyone on Valentine’s Day.  img_8578 I was asked by Lenovo to attend and cover the event, but the opinions expressed are my own.



Yoga 910, yes you can improve on a good thing!

Disclosure:  Lenovo sent me the Yoga 910 as part of the Lenovo Insiders Program and did not provide additional compensation.  All opinions are my own.

As I sit here writing my review of the Yoga 910, which I wanted to physically do by typing on it,  I can’t.   My sons have been playing for almost an hour on the device.  That to me is the biggest compliment to The Yoga 910, my sons love it.   My sons have grown up with computers and touch screen technology, it takes a lot to impress them.  The Yoga 910 has done that and more. img_8896 We already own the original Yoga so we all were skeptical about just how much better could Lenovo make Yoga.  Lenovo did.  We already love the watchband hinge and the light weight of the Yoga.  img_8903 The Yoga 910 still has the same hinge but is lighter than the original, and you can tell.  But on the Yoga 910  I fell less screen movement when moving it from mode to mode, it somehow seems more stable and stronger.img_8893  It still can move 360 degrees taking you from a laptop to a tablet and everywhere in between.

I also liked how sturdy and tough it is. The Yoga 910 is also made of metal.  It is so shiny and light.   As you already know I have four sons and they are rough on their technology.  From dropping to literally slapping the screens, the Yoga 910 has taken it.  It still remains shiny and beautiful.  img_8873No dings or scratches to report even with heavy use.  We all still like the way the metal feels, cool to the touch and somehow easier to grasp when carrying.  My four year old reports that he likes to carry the Yoga around.

Now to the best part, the gorgeous display.  The colors are true and rich.  I enjoy the crispness of the image.  img_8894My sons enjoy it for gaming because it adds to the reality of the game.  It is probably the clearest and richest screen I have ever owned.   The screen goes almost to the entire edge of the laptop making it appear bigger without actually making the computer bigger.   If you have gamers then you know sound also makes a difference in your gaming experience.  The Yoga 910 does not disappoint.  We noticed the full rich sound that came out of the two JBL speakers with Dolby Sound.  The Dolby app allows you to adjust the sound for various activities, which is very helpful.

Lenovo also seems to have improved on the battery life as well.  We are now getting about ten hours on a charge which is more than enough for our whole day of gaming and working.  Since I have four sons who are in school they have also been using the Yoga 910 for work.  They enjoy typing on the key pad.  The keys are highly responsive and they can keep up with fast typing.  My sons also love the layout and placement of the keys.  The handy shortcut keys are easy to find for them.  img_8904

My sons  found this computer helpful for school and play.  They gave it a high recommendation and in fact have showed it to all their friends.  I like it because it is strong, fast and easy to use.  It’s a great computer for school and play.


Part One: CES and Lenovo make an amazing pair

I still can’t believe I was privileged enough to attend CES last week.  I was asked by Lenovo to attend and give my honest review of the products and the event.  I have been reading for years about how amazing CES is.  Trust me, it is even more amazing than you can imagine.  Now having two days to fully digest what I saw over those three days, I feel as if I can sort of round it up for you.  Because there is so much to discuss, I have decided to break it up into a series of at least two posts.  In this first post I will discuss the shock and awe of CES itself as well as some of the new products that Lenovo showcased there.  Lenovo received 58 awards on 17 products.  I would say that is a success.

When you first walk into CES, you are instantly excited to be there.  Everyone else is walking and talking about the future.  It is truly amazing.  Lenovo’s showcase perfectly fit into this excitement.  It was a colorful display of products and art.  img_8578img_8688

Lenovo’s Yoga Book Windows edition is the first piece that caught my eye. img_8571 Let’s face it, if you have been on the internet you have caught the chatter about this amazing tablet.  I learned that the Yoga Book is actually a 2-1 productivity tablet.  It is amazing.  The Yoga Book comes with a halo keyboard which appears or disappears on demand.  img_8656The Yoga book also comes with a stylus pen with ink to use on the provided paper,  as well as a stylus tip to use on the computer or for drawing.  I had to try this machine out for myself.  It actually recorded my writing on the screen from the paper with no lag time. img_8572 It also did the same when I wrote on the screen. Yoga Book comes with One Note so you can save and organize your notes.   No one could keep their hands off of it.  The Yoga Book is  so amazing that people were actually making art on it. img_8652 Combine that with 13 hours of life on one charge, and I can see what the excitement is about.  The crisp screen and the Dolby Audio Premium sound only add to the desirability of the tablet.  The Yoga book was also no heavier that a thin book, that’s amazing.  After spending an hour with it,  I wanted it even more.  I think it’s fair to say that it left a lot of people in amazement. img_8655

The next product I just had to get my hands on was the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.  img_8694This phone is the first Tango Consumer Smartphone.  So advanced that it won the CES Best of Innovation Award for 2017.  Now if you are like me you are wondering what exactly is Tango.  The easiest way to explain it is it contains three cameras to make the world in the phone come to life in 3D.  This blew my mind.  Looking through the screen you can create and learn. img_8695 I used the Phab to decorate my room.  It came enabled with a furniture order program that used real furniture from real stores.  Aiming the Phab into the room it automatically measured and displayed the room.  I was then able to pick furniture and accessories to decorate my room.  There is no second guessing here.  I could actually see my furniture choices in my room.  The Phab also came with fun programs for the kids as well like Hot Wheels.  The Phab would measure your room and you could virtually place your tracks and cars and watch them run just like the actual product but without the cleanup or storage.  This puts the future right into your phone without the need for 3D glasses.  If you are even more interested in the Phab after reading this check out my You Tube Channel:  YesMomCanDoIt for videos of this amazing device.

But what I saw next really blew my mind.



Lenovo Yoga Mouse-Perfect Accessory

Hi everyone.  Before I write my recommended holiday tech list I wanted to do a quick review of the Lenovo Yoga mouse, and why it should be on your holiday list.

img_8245We all forget when we are buying tech that the mouse is sometimes the most important piece that we use daily.  I know that if you are like me the track pad or track points (sorry guys)  are hard to use.  I grew up using a mouse and find it much easier to control what I am doing on the computer.  If you are like me, than this mouse will be a perfect fit.

The yoga mouse is a marvel to look at.  It is so sleek and has clean lines to go with any computer set up.  img_8246-1The mouse is only running a 2.4 G wireless connection, so it doesn’t take up much space on your computer.

It also has a one month battery life from a two hour charge, for me this is key, I hate replacing batteries.  It lacks a cumbersome wheel but instead has a adaptive touchpad that is more accurate for me.

But, here is the best part, it has a 180 degree rotatable hinge that completely transforms from a mouse to a pointer for presentations and projects. img_8247

So if you are out there looking for the perfect gift for a tech person or any person, the Lenovo yoga mouse is a perfect, multi use fit.


Please note that I was provided this product to review as part of being a Lenovo insider, but the opinions expressed are purely my own.

Happy Birthday Lenovo

When I was brainstorming for this post I initially thought I was going to give you a background story in how long I have been using Lenovo, why I chose Lenovo and how I am still using Lenovo. But as I looked back on my pictures I realized that Lenovo is so much more than a quality computer.  Lenovo has become part of our family. Every single one of my children use a Lenovo computer every day. Whether it is my oldest working on his Lenovo CB Yoga 11E at school, or my niece typing her papers her Lenovo Yoga, or my middle son doing research on our Yoga Home 500, or my two little ones watching movies via projector, or not on the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro. lenovo6Lenovo has become part of our daily lives. I cannot recall a single day where one of us is not using a Lenovo. Some of the best times we have together are our family nights, and surprise they involve my Lenovo Yoga Home 500.   IMG_1005    So I think as these years travel on our Lenovo love will be passed to next generation. As Lenovo has become another brother to inform, entertain and just have fun with.  Happy 32nd Birthday Lenovo and here is to a least 32 more.

Yoga Home 500s a Beautiful Mix

I am still part of the old school that thinks I still need a Personal Computer (PC) along with my tablets and smart phone.  Frequently at night the kids crowd around the PC and we watch videos or picture slide shows.  Lenovo ever on top of the innovation game has now designed the Yoga Home 500s, a PC Multi-Mode computer.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first that the Yoga Home 500s was a working PC as well as tablet.  After trying it out for about a week I am convinced the Yoga Home 500s is all the computer I will ever need here at home.IMG_0981

I don’t want to just talk about the specs here, for that check out this link:  http://shop.lenovo.com/gb/en/desktops/yoga/yoga-home/yoga-home-500/

What I do want to talk about is how this PC Multi-Mode computer will change your life.  We were tied to having both a PC (for school and work) and a tablet (for games and portable entertainment).  With the light weight Yoga Home 500s (weighing only 5 pounds) and the huge screen size 21.5 inch HD screen, our gaming and portable entertainment is better than ever.  We no longer have to crowd each other on the couch watching a standard tablet.  The HD screen is so crisp and the sound from the built in speakers is amazing.

My children before the Yoga Home 500s would be gaming separately on their tablets.  Now with the size of the Yoga Home 500s and the included games, they can have fun together.  The screen is so responsive to the touch and the selection of games is varied across skill levels.  The gaming system is easy to access and my children we able to figure it out in about three minutes.  The Aura Interface is automatically enabled when you change the PC into the tablet.  IMG_1015To enable tablet mode simply press down the stand in the back and lay it flat on a hard surface.  IMG_0993Our personal favorite is the Chess game.  All four of my sons wanted to play.   I can already see our family game nights becoming digital.  IMG_1005

My children and myself were dying to now try it out as a media device, specifically for watching online programing and videos.  That was another place where the Yoga Home 500s really shines.  The HD screen is better than our HDTV, and with the ability to move it anywhere, the possibilities are endless for entertainment.   We are no longer tied to cords, just our WiFi.  IMG_1014

Since using the Yoga Home 500s I have noticed our television is on less and our Yoga Home on more.  It is so much easier to search the web and find what you want.  My sons have been loving seeing their favorite shows on the tablet, and with it’s size they can all sit and enjoy the show.  I am already thinking about cutting the cable and just using my online subscriptions for entertainment.

The Yoga Home 500s will change both your computing and entertainment needs, it’s an all in one that is family friendly.  In fact the review was typed on the Yoga Home 500s.

Oh one last thing, the battery life.  There is nothing more annoying when you are playing games or watching a movie and the computer dies.  The Yoga Home 500s has a full 3 hours of battery life.  We were able to game for a bit then watch a movie, very cool.

Disclosure:  I am a Lenovo Insider, as such I have received this product to review, but my opinions are my own.